Melodic Percussion - Songs in a way that you've never heard before, now on CD!

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1. Bad
2. Banankontakt
3. Breeze and I, The
4. Can You feel the Love Tonight
5. Eye of the Tiger
6. Fawlty Towers - Theme
7. George of the Jungle
8. La Bamba
9. Little March
10. Mambo No. 5
11. Mission: Impossible - Theme
12. Mucho Gusto
13. Oriental Mambo
14. Orup 1 för Slagverksensemble
15. Oye Como Va
16. Phantom of the Opera, The
17. Pink Panther - Theme, The
18. Satin Doll
19. Spiel mit Mir
20. Tequila
21. Tijuana Samba
22. Under the Sea
23. Wannabe
24. Who let the Dogs out
25. X-Files - Theme, The
26. Y.M.C.A.


M. Jackson
E. Lecuona
E. John
D. Wilson
R. Valens
J.H. Beck
L. Bega
L. Schifrin
P. Faith
T.L. Davis*
T. Eriksson
T. Puente
A. Lloyd Webber
H. Mancini
C. Rio
M.A. Brand
Rowe/Stannard/Spice Girls
A. Douglas
M. Snow


J. Higgins*
H. Ståhlberg
R. Heyman*
J. Utbult*
P. Svensson
P. Svensson
W. Rapp*
H. Ståhlberg

H. Ståhlberg
W. Rapp
M. Werner

M. Werner
H. Ståhlberg
J. Berry*
T.N. Akins
J. Utbult*
P. Svensson
M. Sweeney*
W. Rapp
P. Murtha*
W. Rapp
P. Svensson
J. Utbult*



* Adapted for Percussion Ensemble by P. Svensson

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Chrotxo is from 2015 available on Spotify!



Chrotxo (pronounced: krottjo) is Greek and means  "I strike/hit".

The Material on this CD are some of the Songs that I through the years (1994 - )
used and uses in my Percussion Ensembles @ Karlshamn's Music School.
The Songs are appreciated by my Students, Myself as well as of our Audience.

I hope this Recording will inspire and show the Listener that the Instruments
Percussion not necessarily has to be "boom & bang" although that also can have its charm.
There are however mostly "hit songs"" on this CD
(suitable since "hit" also can mean "strike"!).
It's my hope that the Music and the Instruments in this way will find new Audiences?!

The Marimba is the Instrument that I've chosen although there should have been Vibraphone,
Bells etc in some Songs. This is because I personally prefer this instrument because of its wide
range and its mighty tone. To make a difference in the different Voices character I shift Mallets
since their difference in hardness makes one Instrument sounding like many different!

More info about Me, my Equipment, Discography etc is available here on the Webb!
Feel free to contact Me if you have any Questions!!!

According to the Swedish Encyclopedia KROUMATA (by Sture Olsson) does the Greek "CHROTXO" mean "I hit".
It's a word diversion that has lead to the German "Krustische Instrumente" - these instruments are all which sounding
parts are brought to vibration by hitting, snapping, clicking, scratching, stroking... in other words: Percussion Instruments!

Peter "TrumPeter" Svensson performs with the following Percussion Instruments on this CD:
Marimba, Drum Set, Timpani, Congas, Djembe, Timbales, Bongos, Tam, Maracas,
Anvil, Shaker, Triangle, Guiro, Castanet's, Bass Drum, Gong, Ibo Drum, Line-Bell,
Whip, Guiro, Finger Cymbals, Cabassa, Vibra-Slap, Claves, Cow-Bell, Agogo-Bells,
Bell-Tree, Siren, Surdo, Tambourine, Pair Cymbals, Suspended Cymbals, Snare Drum, Field Drum,
Darbukka and Gran Cassa with Sticks, Mallets, Beaters, Brushes, Mouth, Hands and Feets.

Alf Nilsson plays Electric Bass on Track 2, 8 and 17 plus Double Bass on Track 17.

The Recording of this CD was made during the Summer of 2008 in Studio TrumPeter except
for the Samba Orchestra on Track 7 which was recorded in Studio Sound Palace, Spring 2005.

Sound Settings, Hints & Tricks: Johan Blomström.
Recording, Editing & Graphical layout: Peter "TrumPeter" Svensson.
Mixing: Johan Blomström / Peter "TrumPeter" Svensson.
Photo: Bo Åkesson, Mary Lindell.

Thanx to: Johan Blomström, Alf Nilsson, Tobias Svensson, Mary Lindell, Gamby George,
Rune & Lissi Svensson, Janne Stark, Daniel Berg, Fredrik Andersson, Johan Bridger,
Robert Ikiz (Bosphorus Cymbals - Team Sweden), Gregers Larsen (B-Stick of Denmark),
Reto Hirschi (Cympad), Christer Nilsson, Roger Johansson, Patrik Sonestad, Bo Åkesson,
Peter Fältskog, Patrik Dahlbom, Karl-Eric Forssander, Peter Westermark, Johan Burman,
Mikael Rosengren, Micke Johnsson, Mats Berntsson, Tommy Törner, Staffan Franzén,
Patrik Stenholm, Magnus Högkvist, Jörgen Alnevall, Jonas Ryberg, Tord Martinsson,
Joakim Nilsson, Alex Jacobowitz, Örjan Svensson (RIP) Emil Bergfeldt, Mats Lindskog,
Jan Utbult, Past and Present Collegues & Students @ Karlshamn's Music School! :-)

Extra thanx to You that buys this CD instead of Copying or Downloading it! ;-)


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You can also buy it from me... price: 14 Euro or 19 USD (Shipping included!) - order via E-mail here!